In attempting to research the history of Fairfield, Iíve discovered that there isnít much to go on.

Those who could remember it are either long gone or out of reach. My attempts to connect to the Franklin County Historical Society were, at best, sporadic. In fact, I am disappointed at the FCHS. About all I can find there are lists of cemeteries.

Fairfield didnít leave much of a footprint, it seems. It isnít surprising. Most towns in Franklin County are the same, except for the reality that they are still around. Sapping, they are. Most of them are in the process of being turned over to developers who will take their histories away too. It will be less painful, perhaps, when that happens. Suburban Cincinnati, thank you.

But we have been fortunate in that Gayther Plummer has found us.

I am astonished, honored and grateful.

For it is Gayther who has united us with two of Fairfieldís most important people, Carl and Ruth Huber.

And he has painted for us a mental image of where we were, geographically, and as a society.

I can let him tell his story, as he has in email form. Iíve edited it only for transition and inserted lead-ins to clarify the purpose of the communication.

I want to thank Mister Plummer for this trip into the past.


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