Mary-Alice Helms

I have such wonderful, nostalgic memories of Fairfield, from going up to play with my Snider cousins to my sister, Julie, and I riding our bicycles from Brookville to Granddaddy's house in Fairfield. He usually thought that it was too hot or too something for us to ride back, so he would insist on taking us back in his pick-up.

I've already mentioned the movies in the town square, shown from the back of a pick-up truck by the man who was to become my husband, Don Helms, and his father, Herschel Helms. The cost of the film was covered by ads , read by one of those two great entrepreneurs ' with corresponding pictures shown on the screen. One very memorable hot summer evening my future father-in-law (Herschel) had imbibed rather freely before showing the movie, and in perfect diction urged the patrons to avail themselves of Strohmier's (or somebody's)" ship shit" (it was supposed to be "sheep dip"!) Careers have been lost for less!

I think that I vaguely remember Luker's granddaughter living with them. I made many a trek to the store for Grandmother Snider. She is right about Bert and Bessie..they were good, kind people.

I remember going to chicken noodle dinners at the Masonic hall; catching lightning bugs in the side yard of the house in the picture, playing mumbledy peg with my aunt Alice, my sisters and cousins Bill, Tressa and Betty Snider, Steve Snider and Sheldon Strothman.

My grandparents must have bought that house about 1935 or 36. My mother and father were married in 1934 on the front porch of the house on Causeway Rd. which now serves as the administration offices for the trailer park/campground there. That was where my grandparents lived at that time, but then my baby pictures (I was born in 1935) were taken at the house in Fairfield (the one in the picture you sent me.) I remember my great-grandmother in her sunbonnet, long dress and apron out hoeing in the garden, and my grandmother trying to get her to come in. "Mother!" she would admonish, "People will think we MAKE you work like that!"

I was fascinated by the old lady who lived next door (the house on the left in the picture.) Her name was Dora Masters and she lived with her husband and his brother. She also wore a sunbonnet and long dress and was always good for some juicy gossip when she came to Grandmother's pump to get some cistern water. Of course, I remember the flat stones which served as a sidewalk in front of the houses on my grandparents' side of the street. They were great on bare feet! There are many, many more memories.


Tressa Glaub

I am attaching a picture of what I believe is my sister's 8th grade class. I'm not too sure though. Marilyn Luke was in that class and I know you and she are in contact so she will probably be better at giving you a date this was taken. On the back is the signatures of all the kids and of Mr. Bosse. They are as follows: Back row: Claudette Yates, Mary F. Thackrey, Margie Day, Marilyn Luke, Nancy Apsley, Betty Snider, Barbara Jane Schway, Mary Ann Crocker. Front row: J. C. Linegar, Richard Weston, Burnell Logan, Eldon Cornelius, Claude Sawyer, Johnny Davis, Lee Roy Sawyer, and John Bowers.

I'll attach another picture of the 4 of us taken on the first day of school of some unknown year. I think we were probably in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. It was that was taken in the N. E. corner of our front yard in front of the old lilac bush. The new school wasn't built yet and the 4 of us were still going to the old 2 story school house across the street from where the new school was to be built. My class was the first class to graduate from the new school. Jim Thackrey and I were in the same class and graduated in '52. Bill graduated in '53 and Betty in '54 and Steve in '55. Boy I can just see Aunt Faye and Mother when we were 1, 2, 3, and 4. Even though Steve is my cousin, we were together all the time. Where there was 1 Snider kid there was usually 4. I hope this helps clear up a few things.


Jan Huber

The only person I knew to live there was my great-grandmother Isabel (Gant) (Rose) Swift. There is a story my mother told me that great-grandma Swift was operated on the kitchen table in this house for a huge abdominal tumor and recovered. I will check with Mom for the details. Mom is still living (94 years old) with a clear memory. Jan Huber

Louann Motts

I lived with my grandparents Burt and Bessie Luker around 1942 for several years. I remember the kindness and gentleness of my grandfather. Many nights after closing (and putting in a long day) someone would come to the back door. Sometimes they had forgotten to buy an item or just needed aspirn, no matter what, he would open the store for them. I also remember the rectangle-shaped thick book he wrote in so many times. This was where he wrote down items that were purchased but the customer could not pay at that time. And I know that he knew many of them could never pay and he tried to help as much as he could. He had a good heart and as a child I respected him so very much... and still do. I still remember the cold winter nights when the old-timers would sit around the pot-belly stove in the store. Granddad would sit behind the counter smoking his pipe and the men would really spin some fine tales (and they talk about women gossiping)! Anyway... I have wonderful memories of Fairfield and I appreciate the web-site. I'd love to hear from you. Sincerely, Louann Motts (Luker)


About the photos: The top picture is of the home of Howard and Mary Snider, which was on Main Street. It comes to me from Jan Huber of Connersville, whose grandparents lived there as well. Tressa Glaub sent me the picture of the school, which was replaced by the one I attended. She also sends the one of the Class of 1954 and that of her family members. Jan Huber also sent the photo of the family. The photo of the store with Bert Luker in front comes from Louann, saying it was taken around 1959.
Thanks to all.

Jan also sent me a photo of the bridge, this from the west side.

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