We know, through reading about the history of the pioneer days, that forms of “scrip” were frequently used as currency. When money was scarce, local economies were forced to use a bartering system to create trade.

The effect was almost always a disaster.

Today, we call it a “rebate.”

I did receive this from Rick Bales of Kokomo, Indiana, who is curious about it and its value. My interest is in the Thomson store, which doesn’t show up on any “Google” searches of southeastern Indiana. It may have been in Cincinnati. Or it could be Thom(p)son. In any event, there is no evidence of a Thomson who ran a store in Fairfield.

But there was a community at one time in Howard County by the name of Fairfield that eventually changed its name to Oakford.


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Warren Krise of Loveland, Colorado, fills me in on that bit of trivia.

Hi John,

I’m writing to let you know that your Fairfield, Indiana is not the first Fairfield, Indiana to meet an unfortunate demise.

I grew up in Oakford, Indiana, but my father, who grew up there also, always called it Fairfield.

Oakford is just outside Kokomo.

Attached is an old map of Taylor Township, Howard County, Indiana. Fairfield is clearly visible on the map.

Also attached is an old Union Traction Company schedule of interurban trains. On the Indianapolis to Logansport schedule you can find Fairfield between Kokomo and Sharpsville.

The story I was told is that the original town was named Fairfield and the interurban station was named Fairfield but there was already a Fairfield in Indiana so the post office had to have a different name. Somehow it was named Oakford. I don’t know when this change took place. It existed as both Fairfield and Oakford for many years depending upon whether you were riding the train or getting your mail.

As automobiles became more common the interurban trains died out and Fairfield started to fade away. But it has been a slow process, check here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oakford,_Indiana

Also, if you search for the Fairfield Christian Church you will find it, that’s right, in Oakford.