This map is from around 1882.

The school as depicted was where the original building was located. The later school was across the street in the area marked “public square.”

The Universalist Church on Jefferson existed for a few years in the 1840s. The Fairfield blog explains their presence. The link to that is on the index page.

A few marks are interesting, including the Eads addition, which I am researching. Pleasant Street was never dedicated. William H. and Thomas C. Eads were brothers.

Note the number of harness and buggy businesses and the Fairfield ME Church.

Brier Cemetery marked with a cross. Sims Cemetery, to the north, was in Union County, not considered part of Fairfield.

American Carriage Directories in Lexington KY (Thanks to Katharine Magruder) says George Loper ran a carriage business in the town from around 1880 till sometime before 1898. His history is explored in the Fairfield blog.

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