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ABOUT THIS PAGE: Farther back in this ongoing story, I write about where we went ... to a place called New Fairfield. Well, some of us did.

And as I wander there many years later, I find that not very many of us DID go there. New Fairfield is a composite of houses, flower gardens, life not unlike that of any other small town in Indiana.

But I don't see a town, nothing close to it. Oh, there's a little convenience store, Kelley's, it's called. They sell bait, Twinkies, soft drinks, batteries, the usual stuff. Beyond that, no commerce.

New Fairfield is just older now, the trees bigger, the houses more cloistered than that first year or two when graded slats in the soil gave way first to gravel, then eventually a chip-and-seal road system. It has fireplugs. The Huber house, perhaps the oldest house left in Fairfield Township, still stands there, stately, aging gracefully. Its barn hasn't been so lucky. The folks who live in the old farmhouse where Charles and Lucille Shepler lived have added a garage, fixed the place up a little. Otherwise, it looks pretty much the same.

New Fairfield did not become a town. It never had a soul, at least not one that I can find.

Thanks to my dear friend Jan for taking these photos. She made a couple of friends along the way.

Say HI to them.