No rhyme or reason for how these are posted. Nancy Klein has found them and made them available for the Fairfield pages. I am indebted to her for this. I have resized the pictures to fit this page.
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May 1959:

Front: Richard Davis, Joyce Klein

Second row: Gary Shepler, Harold Klein, Elizabeth Davis, Brent Shepler, Carol Klein, Cheryl Shepler.

Back: Barbara J. Davis, Neil Shepler

January, 1965

Kathryn Mullin Linkel, Evelyn Mullin Lynch, Hazel Mullin Klein

Swimming at Whitewater Park, summer 1958:

From left: Barbara Davis, Harold Klein, Elizabeth Davis, Marilyn Davis, John Updike, Joel Updike

1953: Harold ponders the moment with father Herschel and uncle Francis Klein.

Early 1950s: Russell Wolfe, Harschel Klein

Around 1963: Carlos Tincher

1958: Battle Point Campground

Summer 1965: Joyce Klein, Becky Webb, Carol Klein, Betty Webb, Pam Browning

May 1959:

Charles and Lucille Shepler; Hazel and Herschel Klein; Kenneth and Ancille Davis

Fred and Ethel Klein