A few years back, when I decided to try my hand at novel-writing, I chose as my pseudonym, the name of Jay Hughes. It means nothing more than “JU’s” and is a bit easier to sell than my own name, which is being used by an author of far more substance than I will ever be. So it has been.

Then recently, a “real” Hughes came back into my life -- Jim Hughes. Jim is a Fairfield guy, a couple of years older than I and easily much more prominent in Franklin County than I could ever hope to be.

Jim is still around, still active and still very much interested in the history of Fairfield and the future of society. He’s sent me some old photos and, not unlike myself, a bit hazy on some of the facts.

We muster up the courage to make them public in any event.

Say HELLO to Jim Hughes, the one whose name is vastly more important than the one I use for my writing.

His album is here.